Survivalism. Good or bad idea?

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Doomsday kits go anywhere from $300 to $5000. Doomsday preparation is so popular it earned a series on National Geographic.

But what if one persons idea of survival is to take what you have and end your life? This is exactly what one group purports to do. Tyler Smith says he is part of a group called the Marauders. According to Smith (a convicted felon) he doesn’t intend to prepare to survive, except by taking what you have stockpiled.

The idea of killing your neighbor to survive has been discredited by serious ‘doomsday preppers’ and the news media as being unsustainable for any length of time. They point to movies like The Postman starring Kevin Costner. But…

Prisons and asylums are full of people that will do harm to you before you can do unto them. If they want what you have they are prepared to take it. Life is only valued when it is theirs. For example, the devastating riots that occur after an ‘incident’ where cars and businesses are looted and burnt in the name of ‘justice’ and ‘fairness’. Who are they kidding?

I had an interesting discussion with a young man today regarding this subject. He advised that if faced with a Marauder type personality/situation, he would try to reason out a peaceful solution. Peaceful intentions to disarm violence. He didn’t want to become what he detested. So on one side you have good, on the other evil.

In my many years in law enforcement, including working the jail, the court system, and as a homicide detective, I have seen much violence and death. No victim ever plans on becoming helpless, brutalized, traumatized, or killed. Yet it happens routinely, and this world (or at least the U.S.) is not yet facing Armageddon. We have a serious fascination with ‘end of the world’ movies, and an insatiable appetite for news of murders, destruction, and death. Reality is safe from a distance. It only happens to someone else.

I laud this young mans belief and will to survive by his wits and not his fists. I wonder what I am willing to do if faced with the same choice. I know everyone says they will do this, or they will do that if they have to defend themselves. I know some people believe you can avoid bad situations by having only positive thoughts. And I know people who not only say they will and can kill, but they are serious.

Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman, wrote a book in 1995 titled “ON KILLING”. He divides people into two groups. Sheep and wolves. The wolves can be good (protectors) or bad (eating the sheep). But the sheep are always sheep. I had the great pleasure of meeting this man and would highly recommend reading this book, if for no other reason, than to gain an understanding of what violence can do to society.

What will you do? What are you willing to do? How do you think it will effect you? If you cross the line and kill, even in self defense or the defense of another, can you live with what you have done. There is an old police saying. “Better tried by twelve than carried by six.”

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