Success: Willard Library Presentation on April 29

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I want to thank everyone who turned out for my presentation at Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana. The Browning Room is a new addition to the library. It is spacious (seats 150), and has the most current A/V technology. The staff were very welcoming and had everything in place for me when I arrived. Melani Niemeier and Arrika Dedmond had promoted the event and the attendance was great. I haven’t faced that many people since I was run out of California by people carrying torches and pitchforks.

Today, April 30 @2pm I’ll be at Barnes & Noble on Evansville’s east side signing books, making bad jokes, and drinking lots of coffee. If you have a chance come by and say hello. I’ve met many of my old and older friends, and made many new ones.

Remember: THE HIGHEST STAKES, the 4th Detective Jack Murphy novel will be released on October 25, 2016. I am looking to have some events here around that time so I may see you again. This is the newest book and the one that I originally was going to title “Murphy’s Law”. There are already dozens of books with that title. Not fair, but that’s life.

You can sign up for my website updates of events by clicking on the red + mark in the upper right hand corner. (Then enter your bank account number and password. Just kidding. Maybe)

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