Rick Reed headshotRick Reed is the author the true crime novel Blood Trail, the account of his capture of serial killer Joseph Weldon Brown and the detective Jack Murphy series, which draws on Rick’s 30 years of experience as a detective for the Evansville, IN police department.

Rick is available for presentations or readings by contacting his publicist, Michelle Forde, at Kensington.

Presentation at Killer Nashville 2014

An Interview with Suspense Magazine

November_Final_Cover_Web_w_outline-457x589Suspense Magazine (S. MAG.): As a true crime writer, do you feel a certain sense of creative freedom in stepping into the world of fiction?

Rick Reed (RR): I didn’t originally start out to be a true crime writer, but the opportunity to write “Blood Trail” presented itself and ‘that was that’. Writing true crime is very restrictive because you have facts to work with and you have to stay within those facts. Having the freedom to create your facts, to ‘design’ characters to play the parts you give them, is exciting.

Read the rest of the interview in the November 2010 edition of Suspense Magazine.

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Webbwaver Books proudly presents: Author Rick Reed

Recipe for a Mystery

What others are saying about Rick Reed’s books:

“Whew! The murders are brutal and non-stop. Heads roll (literally) as detectives Jack Murphy and Liddell Blanchard track after a pair of paid killers without a conscience, through a political maze of lies, deception and dishonor that leads to a violent, pulse-pounding climax.”–Robert S. Levinson, author of Finders, Keepers, Losers, Weepers, Phony Tinsel, and A Rhumba in Waltz Time

“Reed…gives the reader a genre story worth every minute and every penny spent.” – reviewer Joe Hartlaub on BookReporter.com

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Western Ky Book Expo

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Evansville press

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Courier & Press Article

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