Fix for MS Office Word Update–How to Stop Unwanted Sound Effects.

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I don’t think I’m the only one who recently updated MS Word on a Mac and now have unwanted sound effects when pasting, copying, cutting, etc.

I downloaded the update for Word 2011 on my Mac in April 2016 and sounds would play every time I would cut and paste etc. Here’s how to stop those pesky sounds.

For Mac users:
Open any document in Word.
Go to Word on top menu.
Go to Preferences
Go to General
Go to Provide Feedback With Sound and uncheck that box.


2 Comments on “Fix for MS Office Word Update–How to Stop Unwanted Sound Effects.”

  1. What happens if you want the sounds? Word 2016 Mac has the check box, but when I check it nothing happens.

    1. Try refreshing your screen, or restarting the computer. I have had trouble with MSWord several times and had to reboot to get past the issue.

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