April Book Tour in my Hometown–Evansville, Indiana

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On 4/30 @ 2pm I will be signing books and giving a short talk at BARNES & NOBLE in Evansville, Indiana. Please join me and help support one of the last/longest standing book stores. I have an eReader myself, but I still have a stack of paperbacks by my bed and ready for consumption. The batteries never die in a paperback. haha

Nothing is more exciting to an author than a book tour in his hometown. In my case, Evansville, Indiana. They say “write what you know”. Experience always trumps research, ask any writer.

This will be a short trip but I will try to work in as many appearances as possible (my trot has turned into a mosey).

On 4/29 @ around noon I will be a guest on the Midday With Mike show on Channel 14 WFIE, discussing my books, my career, and avoiding questions about past transgressions. Thank goodness this isn’t a call in program. Thank you to Mike Blake who is an icon of Channel 14.

On 4/30 @ 2pm I will be at Barnes & Noble in Evansville for a short talk and to sign books. I’m sure B & N won’t mind if you bring your already purchased books that haven’t been signed. I will be happy to sign anything you want (except confessions of course).

4/26 is the official release date of THE DEEPEST WOUND, Jack Murphy thriller #3. THE CRUELEST CUT (#1) and THE COLDEST FEAR (#2) have already been released. THE DEEPEST WOUND (#3) is available for pre-order. THE HIGHEST STAKES (#4) is available for pre-order and will be released 10/2016.

A little back history on THE HIGHEST STAKES: This was actually the first book written that created Jack Murphy, Double Dick, Liddell, Larry Jansen, Katie Connelly and all your favorite characters.

Until that time I had only written (anonymously) a newsletter called THE MONKEY BOY GAZETTE, that was a “roast” of my fellow members of the Evansville Police Department. The idea to actually write a book hadn’t occurred to me. I was working as an off-duty policeman on the riverboat casino in Evansville among other off-duty jobs (being a policeman is a job you have to save up for). The idea for THE HIGHEST STAKES began to take shape. Two years later the story was finished. At that time I called it Blue Star Conspiracy because I can’t be trusted to come up with adequate titles for my books. Thanks to the staff at Kensington Books for doing that.

THE HIGHEST STAKES wasn’t a serial killer fiction book, and in a way it still isn’t in my mind. When I co-authored BLOOD TRAIL, the true crime book accounting an actual serial killer, Joseph Weldon Brown, I hounded my editor (Michaela Hamilton) at Kensington to let me write fiction. I don’t know if the hounding helped, but I finally got the opportunity and THE CRUELEST CUT, THE COLDEST FEAR were published in 2010 and 2011.

Although you can read all of my novels/books in any order I have tried to stay true to a timeline, hence a series. So a few modifications had to be made to THE HIGHEST STAKES to make it #4.

Back to the present:

THE DARKEST PLACE is #5 in the Jack Murphy series and will be released in 2017 but a date hasn’t been set. I am presently finishing THE DARKEST PLACE and I will give you a little teaser. The story takes Liddell home to Louisiana where he had worked as a Water Patrol deputy for the Iberville Parish Sheriff Department. Jack will join him when the shit hits the fan.

I have started on books #6 and #7 and hope there will be many more. As I said, I had never thought about becoming a writer so I consider myself as the ‘accidental author’. But now, five books later, I have the writing bug.

All of my books, with the exception of THE HIGHEST STAKES, are available in paperback or as POD (publish on demand). When THE HIGHEST STAKES is released I’m sure it will also be available in paperback.

If you can join me at Barnes & Noble, please do so. And tell me where you heard about it.

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